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Network Management


We specialize in Complete Network Management. What does this mean? It means that everything technology related on your network falls under our job description. We are simply your partner in technology and an extension of your staff. From your internet connection, network security and policy management to your computer updates, phone routing and help desk for your entire company; we are here to keep your technology running efficiently. Our goal is to manage your technology so you can manage your business.

Residential Support

Scalable IT Solutions for Home and Business

Life is more simple when it’s in sync. We are experts in making technology run like it is supposed to: enriching your business and simplifying your daily life. We consult on best practices for everything from data backups and storage to e-mail programs and antivirus software, based on our many years of experience. Much of our work consists of project work for businesses or homes that need solid technology solutions that can sustain the growth of a thriving business or the ever growing list of mobile devices in a household. We are here to create the perfect plan for your project and offer you stellar technology advice.

Technical Solutions

Best Practices for Modern Devices

What does a 6 person team know about desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets? Everything we need to know to make them run as they're supposed to. We work off of a system of best practices: a set of products and services that we have worked with for many years and can confidently recommend and implement for our many neighbors. We provide technical solutions for iPhone, iPad and iPod, PC, Mac, wireless networks, and more. We perform a thorough evaluation so that you can make an informed decision about your electronic devices. We’re not just skilled technicians, we’re also your neighbors. We will give you our honest opinion and we will advise you on the best choices for spending your technology dollars.

Our Services

Neighborhood Computers is committed to meeting every business client’s unique technical needs. Following a complimentary audit and assessment, we will create a custom plan which could include:

  • Network support: we perform setup, management and standardization of business networks
  • Asset management: we keep all of your information in one place in order to manage your IT infrastructure
  • Eliminating inefficiencies: we consolidate the multiple steps that are causing pain and anguish for your company
  • Workstations: we offer support, maintenance and monitoring
  • Software: we offer installation, application upgrades and monitoring
  • Storage solutions: data consolidation and cloud-based computing can go a long way in improving your network's efficiency
  • We work off of best practices: we know what works best for your business IT needs

We understand the needs technology in the modern home. It’s about making life simple by keeping all  devices in sync and working flawlessly. We provide on site support in your home or at our shop:

  • Automated Backups: we suggest two forms of backup, on site and cloud-based
  • Mac and PC Repairs: Starting with an initial consultation, we diagnose and develop a plan for every project whether we are on site or in our shop.
  • E-Mail: Today's email should sync between all your devices. We'll teach you which ones are best and transfer your old emails over to a better system.
  • Internet Security: Everyone needs to be secure from the bad guys on the internet. Let us consult you on how to keep your digital life safe and secure. 

We make it easy for our neighbors to get the support and assistance they need. Simply submit a service request to our help desk via email or call us at 925.377.5257. Our services are by appointment only. When our neighbors email us a ticket is automatically created and put into a service queue. This ensures prompt service and our absolute undivided attention on your project. Here is how our process works:

  1. Incoming email or call is logged and converted to a service ticket in our system
  2. We analyze the information, develop a plan and determine the best location for service (in shop or on site)
  3. We work with you to schedule the appointment and begin assisting with your technology needs




  • Neighborhood Computers recently upgraded my computers at work and at home; these guys excel at customer service! They followed up continuously throughout the process; I will highly recommend them at every chance I get.

    Kim W.

  • Had such a great experience taking all my computers here. They were able to tell me the problem within an hour, saving me money and doing a great job in the process. They even come to your house to hook up Internet, programs, etc. If you are looking for a place that knows computers inside and out, neighborhood computers will...
    Justin C., Danville
  • We have Neighborhood Computers at our IT support function and are very happy.  They have great customer service and knowledge about computers, networking and servers.  The added benefit is that they are both Mac and PC experts.  We have an integrated network that uses both so it’s essential that we have this support.  We have about 25 users and Neighborhood...
    Nat W., Moraga
  • Want to hire the real pros? The crew at Neighborhood Computers are experienced, professional, reasonable and proficient at anything technical. I have used them for my personal and work computers and have always been a satisfied customer. I’m a long-time customer. They always have a good solution for any technical issues I’ve had. They are fast and efficient. Good people...
    Holly H., Lafayette

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